My Shy Girl

So if I'm honest this face makes me crazy.  I don't particularly understand shyness.  I don't duck my head when people talk to me.  But my girl does.  She does quite a bit...and this is the face she makes when she does it.  I almost deleted this photo, because as her momma I want her to be proud, outgoing,  Honestly I probably need to post this picture as my screensaver to remind myself that this girl - the shy one - she's still figuring herself out...she's still growing and gaining confidence.  And that being shy is just a part of her and I love ALL of her.

The happy sassy and the shy.

Happy Hump Day

A juicebox for myself and a squirt in the face for Wednesday.

Try Try Again

Is it too much to ask for just a decent picture with no one screaming?
No one trying to lick their snot?
I mean really...this is all I'm asking for!

Have My Cake

Now this I could get used to.