Happy Hattie Turns 3

Today my Happy Hattie turns 3.  I can't remember our family pre-Hattie very clearly.  The light she brings to everyone she knows is immense and full of love.  

Three things about Hattie this year - only three - so hard!

This girl is a pleasure.  Her light and loving personality means she knows only friends. No one is stranger or left out when Hattie is around.

My little one loves to be the little one.  She snuggles more, wants help more, and has stayed little longer than any of our other kids.  

This girl is brave, brave, brave....she wants to do anything and everything her big sister does or even thinks about and that often means she has to leap first and think it through later.  

Happy birthday little one!  Momma loves you more than you can know until you are a momma yourself.  I think God everyday for letting me be your momma and can't wait to see what is in store for you...I know it's big things.

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