Dang Cute Kids - August 2014

Carli Grace




My New Niece - Emily

Happy Hump Day

Best Wednesday tactic - dig your paddle in and PULL!

Colorado Vacation - 2014 - Day Two

On our second roadtrip day we stopped at a cute zoo in Selina, Kansas and the fastest merry go round in the U.S. just east of Colorado.

Colorado Vacation - 2014 - Day One

Our new annual tradition - road trip to camp in Colorado.  The kids and I had so much fun on this trip.  We took our time getting there and stopped at many fun places along the way.

Our stop on the first night was the Children's Museum in Topeka, Kansas.  This was such a cool museum...the outdoor area alone was worth the stop.

Fourth of July - 2014

One of my favorite holiday traditions - Fourth of July fireworks.  I love this group of people.  I love that our kids love each other and bounce from one vehicle to the next.  I love that we all leave full, sticky, and relaxed.  

Happy Hump Day

A nap can improve any Wednesday.

Carli Grace's Birthday Gift

When I was six my Grandma took me to get my ears pierced.  We went to Claire's and I got my ears pierced with small pink stones.  I got to shop for so many trinkets and although I can't remember specifically how it felt or if I cried the memories I have of that day are treasured and full of fun and love.

This year as Carli's sixth birthday gift her Grandma took her to get her ear's pierced with small multicolored flowers.  She cried...a lot...but I bet that's not what she'll remember about this day in years to come.