Dang Cute Kids - July 2014

Carli Grace




My Shy Girl

So if I'm honest this face makes me crazy.  I don't particularly understand shyness.  I don't duck my head when people talk to me.  But my girl does.  She does quite a bit...and this is the face she makes when she does it.  I almost deleted this photo, because as her momma I want her to be proud, outgoing, independent...me.  Honestly I probably need to post this picture as my screensaver to remind myself that this girl - the shy one - she's still figuring herself out...she's still growing and gaining confidence.  And that being shy is just a part of her and I love ALL of her.

The happy sassy and the shy.

Happy Hump Day

A juicebox for myself and a squirt in the face for Wednesday.

Try Try Again

Is it too much to ask for just a decent picture with no one screaming?
No one trying to lick their snot?
I mean really...this is all I'm asking for!

Have My Cake

Now this I could get used to.

Easter Eve

Easter Eve is one of my favorite traditions on my side of the family.  We eat, the kids dye eggs, they hunt eggs, and they play - a lot.  It's such a good time!

Dang Cute Kids - May and June 2014




Carli Grace

Nieces and Nephew

I can not list all the reasons I love that my brothers have kids similar ages to my little ones. 
Watching them all interact and play together... 
...just hanging out in the same room...

...discovering things they want to show each other...

...and checking each other out to see how they all play differently.

I know these will be some of my favorite memories!
And hopefully their favorites too!

Happy Hump Day

Don't worry...Super Roman has this Wednesday under control.

Two Girls

My mom asked me recently how it was raising two girls (a thing I was TERRIFIED of).  If I would have known then what I know now I would have been over the moon thrilled at the idea.  See not having a sister I just didn't know...I did not know how they would be with each other and how special their bond would be.  These two are the best kind of sisters - they love, play, snuggle, argue, make-up, joke, run, dance, and laugh, laugh, laugh.  

I love my brothers.  I wouldn't trade those relationships for anything, but I have to say...these two make me little jealous of this whole sister thing.