Sometimes I just love these little pieces of them.  To remember that little dimple above her elbow.

Or the way she holds her arms in tight all the time.

Temporary Insanity

Sometimes I let crazy things happen.  It's not the norm, but sometimes...well it just needs to happen.  A little fun never hurt anyone (unless you've ever got a paintbrush in the eye...and that does hurt...trust me).

Happy Hump Day

We all have our own way of dealing with Wednesdays...I shop...He mows.

Easter at Holt

We have been going to the annual Spring Fling event at Holt High School for years (Check it out here, here, here, and here...and I think I'm missing a year or two).

This year big brother was on hand to help me keep track of the girls during the egg hunt - and to teach them about strategy.

And...miracle of miracles...no one cried over the bunny!!  In fact, we practically stalked that bunny.

Dang Cute Kids - March and April 2014

Carli Grace


Happy Hump Day

Muscling my way thru Wednesday...how about you?

Birthday Tea

The moms I know have really upped the birthday party game lately.  They are so creative and the kids LOVE it!  

Tiffany had an awesome birthday tea party for Jenna's fifth birthday.  First they decorated their hats - because what's proper tea without the proper hat?


Carli Grace

Ryan and Brenna

Then they had some tea (hot chocolate) and decorated cupcakes.


Such an awesome party that my girls talked about all day long!

Morning Routine

There has been a very pleasant shift in our house lately.  Hattie has started calling me in the morning - she's finally figured out that I'm always here in the morning!  She calls..."Momma!  Momma!  Come snuggle me!"  She leaves me no choice - I must snuggle!