Happy Hump Day

Help!  I'm knee deep in a Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day

Bippity, boppity, be gone with you Wednesday.

Glass Slipper

Gasp!  It seems Cinderella isn't the only one that has trouble keeping track of her shoes.

Hot Cocoa

As a mother there are a million different memories I hope I can store for those days when my little ones have all left the house.  Many of those memories are wrapped up in their little differences.

The way they can be so much alike and yet do the same little things so very differently.

The mess, or lack thereof...

...the one that eats the "smarshmellows" and the one that doesn't.

The cheesy grins...oh, those I'll remember I know.

These looks I'll put away and hold on to...

Vacation - Part Two

Obviously you don't take a vacation to Mexico and not spend the majority of your  time in the water.

But it also rained quite a bit on our trip, so we spent time playing in the kid's indoor playground every day.

We found plenty of ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Happy Hump Day

Doughnuts...the perfect hump day cure!

Snowy Days

We are already a couple snows in this winter and it's only January.
This has been Hattie's first real time playing in the snow and she seems to be more like Momma - prefers the great indoors where winter is concerned.

Carli Grace on the other hand...
she would stay out all day if we let her.  

Vacation - Part One

Our vacation started with a VERY early (6 a.m.) flight to Cancun.  No one slept on the plane, but we still had a smooth easy flight. 
At the resort there was a teen lounge with TONS of video games and unlimited quarters.  We spent time there every day.

Even Hattie loved it...there was the perfect loop and her favorite thing was for Pa Pa to chase her around it over and over.

And let's not forget the unlimited ice cream!
We did some surfing - or at least Mike did.

Had some great dinners!  Hibachi was a favorite.

So many fun things...more pictures to come.