Historic St. Charles - Christmas

Last year was our first year going to historic St. Charles to visit the Sugar Plum Fairy and all the other Christmas characters.  The girls loved it again this year.  Our friends - Angie, Maggie, and Ryder met us there and we had a wonderful afternoon.
We met the Ice Queen

Santas from all over the world.

And had fun watching the parade with our friends.

Such a great tradition that I look forward to every year!

Happy Hump Day

Santa Claus and Wednesdays...just don't seem to go together.

The Unplanned Christmas Party

Sometimes not having plans can have the best results.  It's amazing what two days of a few emails can throw together. Kids had a blast. Everyone helped out.  No one stressed.  We all ate well.  Beautiful!

Guess Who?

Visiting Santa this year was our easiest trip EVER.  And NO ONE cried!!!  Miracle!
There was a little hesitation at first.

But it didn't take long for everyone to give Santa some love.

Mommies and Babies

Lydia and Angela

Avery and Jamie

Me and Hattie

Swimming with the Dolphins

One of my favorite moments from our vacation in November was swimming with the dolphins.

It was one of the coolest things I've ever done.

And to see my normally so timid girl willing to get in and try...during a rainstorm no less...well I just couldn't have been any prouder of her!

Happy Hump Day

Now this is how you handle a Wednesday!  Presents galore!!!

Baby Girl

There are so many things I want to remember about this baby girl of mine.  The way she does things is simply her own. 
That fuzzy bedhead she has.

The way she holds her hand.

Her constantly changing facial expressions.

The way she looks at me.

And always offers me something.

The little eyelashes and nose.

Those beautiful eyes.

All the parts of my always Happy Hattie.