Happy Thanksgiving!  Today will be full of so many things I love - my family, laughing, and food.  I like to take this day, like so many others, to put together a list of some of the many things I'm grateful for in life.

Mike - This year I am so very grateful for a husband who is constantly working on himself and who gives me the space, support, and encouragement to work on myself.  We aren't perfect.  We struggle. But we come through stronger each and every time and I will not take that for granted.

His, Mine and Ours - I am so grateful for the amazing children in my life.  I was given each one of them of them for a reason and each year those reasons become clearer and clearer.  Andrew, George, Carli Grace and Hattie - have my heart.  

Growth - This year I'm so grateful for my God given ability for growth.  Growth has been a big theme this year in so many aspects of my life.  I feel like there has been great movement and strides in almost every single relationship in my life - my husband, children, family, Mike's family, my friends, and God.  And I feel so blessed to get to work towards bettering each of these relationships.   

I hope this holiday finds you thankful beyond belief!  All my best!

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