Happy Hattie

Today my baby girl is turning two.  I guess I'm supposed to say...it seems like only yesterday...but it doesn't.  It feels like I've had her forever.  I can't remember life without my happy Hattie.

My tradition is always things to note from the year.  Narrowing down to two for Hattie...near impossible.

This year my girl has shown that her loving is not just snuggly...it's words and actions.  Her hugs are famous and she hands them out willingly to anyone.  She goes back for more again and again.  She's a snuggler, a lover, and little mother.  Her babies, her siblings, her parents, her friends...we all get the benefit of her sweet love.

This year my happy girl has figured out how to survive as the baby of the family.  And that's not always easy.  She's sturdy and makes herself known.  She doesn't get lost in the shuffle and knows just how to stand up for herself.  She's a force all on her one...and you combine her and her big sister.  Well look out world.  

Hattie, my sweet girl, I love you more than you will ever know until you are a momma yourself.  Kisses, hugs and all my love.  Happy birthday happy girl!

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