Dang Cute Kids - October 2013

Carli Grace


Happy Hump Day

Sometimes Wednesday can be a real smack in the face.

Mommies and Babies

Kelly and Elena
Monroe and Denise

Lydia and Angela

Happy Hump Day

Come on up...I'll show you the secret doorway that escapes Wednesdays!

Post Picking Stretch

Are you feeling that deep stretch...

Family Pics - Apple Picking

I love looking back on the events we do each year.  Our annual apple picking adventure is one of my favorite traditions and looking back on 2010, 2011, and 2012 just reminded me how fast time goes!

Disasters in Group Photos

Sometimes you just don't get the sheep you want...and it's unbearable.

Even when your little sister reminds you there is another great sheep option...it's still unbearable.

And the only thing that makes it bearable...an awesome aunt willing to ride with you.

Happy Hump Day

What a beautiful day for a ride!

What?!  It's Wednesday?!?!  I thought I smelled something funky!

Adults I Like To Shoot

Katie and Andrew

Ceil and Kathie

Me and my love

Punch Line

I give up...what did the banana say to the strawberry.

Cooling Down

Well this looks delicious!
Oooooh!  Ice cream cake.  Cold!

No better way to cool off on a hot day...just squish some ice cream cake between your fingers!

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday you better get. out. of. here!

I'm done being nice!