Dang Cute Kids - September 2013

Avery Rose
Carli Grace and Hattie
Carli Grace

Techies with Beautiful Eyes

Everybody loves a laptop.

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays are as stinky as deviled eggs.

Brother Love

Hey bro...you remember last night when you grabbed my binky and ran away.  Yeah, so do I.  No cake for you!

Life is so Unfair

But Mom!  Caleb's mom let's him ride in the house!

Happy Hump Day

No worries Elise I'm just looking for the smoothest path to guide you through this Wednesday.

The Birthday Boy

Today my favorite guy in the whole world is turning 37.  Lucky lady that I am, this will be the eighth birthday I've got to spend with the man our kids look up to.

The guy that makes me laugh pretty regularly.

The teacher of many things.

And the guy that keeps me grounded through good times and bad.

Happy birthday my love...you get better and I fall more in love with you each and every year.  I hope this one is everything you've hoped for and I promise to make every effort to make next year your best yet.  All my love, always.  

Kid Photography

When we were hanging out at the food trucks some of the kids took turns taking pictures with my camera.  I love finding new favorites this way!  I'd say they did a pretty good job...

What I Really Want

We are all on the same page here that the candle is not what I want, right?
Now that's what I'm talking about!

Happy Hump Day

Look out Wednesday I will mow you down.

Food Trucks

A few weeks ago several of us met up at Ft. Zumwalt Park to have dinner via food trucks.  All we did was stand in line, eat, and hang out on blankets...and I personally had a blast...and ate from every truck but one, but that's a different story.