Happy Hump Day

Lookout...I'm busting out of this Wednesday!

Dang Cute Kids - July 2013

Anna - again - because it was too cute not to







Carli Grace


No, No, Ro-ro!

No! Ro-ro!!  No cake for you!

Boy, that look only works on your momma...leave me to eat my cake in peace.

Crazy Kids??

I mentioned that the Discovery Room at the Science Center was fun, right?  Did I also mentioned that adults could have just as easily hosted a party there?  Apparently all you need for good times as an adult is a few wheelchairs...we are all going to have so much fun in the nursing home together.

Word to the Wise

Just in case Monroe is ever on you and his eyes get really big like this - consider yourself warned.

Because the next thing you know your ear might be getting all warm and icky.... 
...like this.

Happy Hump Day

Wait...did I hear you right?
Can you say that one more time??
Oh, no!  It's Wednesday!  Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Adults I Like to Shoot

My brother - Bobby

My love
My step-dad - Randy
My brother - Vince
And Bobby again.
Denise...acting as Vanna?

Hattie Queen of the Inflatable

I am constantly amazed at how willing to try anything Hattie is. 

Even when Daddy is a little leary...she's ready to go.

Sweets for the Sweet

"Tank you"



Hattie will you share with Momma?