Today is my Dad's 56 birthday.  It's the twelfth birthday he's missed.  I've been dreading writing this post for over a month...maybe over two months?  Maybe since I finished the last post I wrote about him and knew another one was coming.  Yep, probably since then.  

Last week I just lost it.  I sat and stared at this screen and lost the ability to put anything coherent together.  I have nothing.  Nothing I haven't already said.  Nothing that changes anything about how much I really hate this and how much I wish things were different.  Nothing about how angry I am that he is missing all the best parts of our lives.  He's missing the BEST parts!  These parts - 

They are the absolute best parts of it all and he's missing it.  And I'm mad.  And I'm not sure what to write besides that.  People tell you that loss get's easier that grief gets easier...and I find that to be true in certain situations.  But when someone is taken from you before you feel like you got everything you needed it doesn't get gets harder.  With each new baby and each new milestone and each new relationship formed in our family it gets harder to take that he is missing it.  

Vince asked me last year if it was normal that he missed Dad more now that Monroe is here.  I told him it's my normal.    

So here's what I have for you this year.  This year I'm mad.  And this year hurts especially bad.  And that's okay because tonight I get to share ice cream cheers with the seven amazing little people left behind...and their parents too.

Dang Cute Kids - June 2013

Carli Grace




Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Head Lock

My big brother taught me this move.

Raising Girls

I'm not sure if this is a last baby thing...

or a learning to avoid drama with little girls thing...

all I can say for certain is that Andrew and George never left the house in two different dress shoes to play at the park.

Random Love

Me and Elena
Bobby, Anna, Hattie and Angela
Hattie and Grandma
Me and Anna
Lydia and Uncle Mike

Sharing the Work Load

Hey get that shoe...I'll get this one.

Happy Hump Day

No worries...Daddy has my back this Wednesday!

How It's Done

And that, my friends, is how you eat a cake.

Random Cousin Love

Carli Grace and Monroe
Carli Grace and Anna


Happy Hump Day

Sneaky Wednesdays can come from any direction...
watch your back!

Daddies and Babies

Avery and Adam

Aiden and Adam
Monroe and Vince
Anna and Bobby

All It Takes

A 9x13 pan, water, soap, and cars.  Two hours of fun!

Tough Buddy

You should see the other guy!!

Happy Hump Day

Excuse me...Aunt Rachel says retail therapy is the best cure for a Wednesday...I've got shopping to do.

My Happy Girl

In case you ever wonder why we call her Happy Hattie.

Disasters in Group Photos

We get five out of six kids and all three ladies looking and smiling...and someone sticks their head in the picture.