Happy 10th Birthday George!

Today is a special day!  A day to celebrate!  Today is my ten year anniversary being a Momma.  That means the boy that made me one turns ten today!  TEN!  Geez.  Every year, before I write these birthday posts, I worry about coming up with enough things to note.  And every year the words just flow right out of me.  There is always plenty to say about these amazing little people we are raising.  

This year George has learned how to push through in school.  Some of these lessons were hard learned with some privileges being taken from him, but he figured it out...he pushed through...and he's ending the school year in a much better spot than he started it.  

This year my boy has slowly learned how to better negotiate without the whine.  Instead of getting upset about a bed time or a no answer he's learning to come to me with some reasons why it should be okay.  I listen.  Sometimes he gets what he wants...sometimes he doesn't.  Either way he's learning how to better express himself.  

This year my boy has learned even more about being a big brother to a baby.  Hattie adores him.  She loves her Georgie and gets so very excited when he comes home.  He lets her crawl all over him, pull his hair, and ride all over the house on him.  The boy has honestly never been frustrated with "Hads", as he calls her.  

This year my boy has pushed some limits where being a big brother to an extremely independent four year old is concerned.  She does test his patience and sometimes that goes well and sometimes it doesn't.  But either way, she adores him and loves when he sits and play ponies or dolls with her.  When she's having a hard time he talks to her and tries to solve her problem.  Big brother is a title he wears proudly.  

This year my boy has stretched his compassion on so many levels.  I can't tell you how many times this boy has expressed his desire to help in difficult situations.  He's mowed grass, delivered hot chocolate, and helped kids at parks...all in an effort to help and make the world better.  

Girls...or at least a girl have snuck into our life this year.  He likes one...why?  Well because "she's really smart and super nice"...that's why.  There was a song written and dedicated to her.  There are drawings all over his notebooks about her.  I'm not quite ready for all this, but here it comes.  

This year my boy is finding even more happiness.  He's letting his negative attitude get the best of him less and less.  He's overcoming it and moving forward in a positive direction and I'm so proud!

Questions.  Very big questions.  They are here to stay I think.  The bearded man and flying fairy have been questioned.  The "video" at school has been discussed.  The how's and why of death have been covered.  So many questions all requiring a good, thorough answer.

This boy is so creative.  Always coming up with things in the most random ways.  He puts french fries on his burgers, writes random songs on his guitar, draws pictures on anything that will stay flat, creates sculptures out of paper and tape, and sings random songs at the top of his lungs in the shower.  

This year my boy is still a lover.  He wants to be by me, snuggle me, hug me, talk to me, all.  the.  time.  Someday I'll miss that I'm sure.  

Georgie, I know I say this every year, but it's still the truth - I can't thank you enough for making me a momma.  Happy birthday my pumpkin!  I love you more than you will ever know and can't wait to see what the next year brings.  All my love.

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