Dang Cute Kids - April 2013

Carli Grace

My View From Here

I love this family!

Happy Hump Day

This Wednesday stinks like feet.

Easter Bunny

This year we had an interesting development.

An Easter Bunny visit that didn't involve tears.  

My girl was so brave this year.  Both of them!

And the Easter Bunny just couldn't get away from them!

Happy Hump Day

A binky and an iPhone...that's all I need to get through a Wednesday.

The Big Boys

I mention this regularly, but sometimes I just really can't get over what amazing big brothers our boys can be.
They play with the girls in ways that no one else can.  Tease them, tickle them, tackle them...
...and play ponies with them.  Even if they do systematically kill off every pony until the game is over and little sister has no choice but to follow them outside to play instead.


I try and break up the monotony of our weekends - chores, soccer, meal, chores, soccer, meal...especially in the and fall when you can add football to the list.  And I needed some decorative eggs for a bowl in the house...so I let them go crazy with it and have a beautiful bowl of eggs to show for it.  

Male Bonding

Um hey...Aunt Rachel...a little privacy please!  This is guy time.

Happy Hump Day

Well Elise at least understands how to act on a Hump Day.

Clearing the Air

I'd like to clear the air about our Happy Hattie.  Sometimes...
...she is not happy.

It's a rare thing, but it does happen.

And we've all learned that the best thing we can do...
...is give her some shoes.

Barbie Fun

Barbie fun...

...it's not just for the girls in our house.