Dang Cute Kids - March 2013


Happy Hump Day

What?!?  You have a better suggestion for how to deal with a Wednesday?

Dual Personality

Smart, sassy, beautiful girl by day.
Superhero ready to dash off by night.

Fashionistas in the House

Carli Grace
Sammie - Brenna - Carli Grace - Olivia - Jenna

Jenna's Birthday Party

Jenna had a very fun birthday party this year.  A face painter came to their house and decorated all the kiddos that would sit still for it. She did an AMAZING job.

Carli Grace




Birthday Girl - Jenna



A camera, an iPhone, a purse, and some shoes...so many choices and so little time before I'm caught.

Happy Hump Day

Just grab onto your tootsies and hold on...Wednesday is bound to be a bumpy ride.

United We Stand

Hattie:  Oh Monroe, that's brilliant.  Let's both gather some forces.
Lydia:  What's that you said Monroe?
Mutiny for extra dessert?
Well I'm shocked...but I'm in.

And by the look on my Daddy's face I'd say Hattie talked him into joining us.  Forces unit for cookies!

Science Center - Discovery Room

While Mike and the boys headed to Monster Truck Jam the girls and I went to play at the Science Center's Discovery Room with Grandma and Mark.  They had SO much fun!

Daddy's Little Sweetheart Dance

This was our second year for the Daddy's Little Sweetheart dance.  Looking back at last year and seeing how much all the girls have grown is just so fun...and so scary!
Getting ready was SO much fun.  Carli Grace was SO excited she could hardly hold still. 

Avah - Carli Grace - Jenna - Sammie - Brenna
With all the daddies (and grandpa!).
Phil - Nate - Jeremy - Gary - Mike

My girl and her special date!