Dang Cute Kids - February 2013


Happy Hump Day

Ha!  These fools think this toy is going to get me through a Wednesday...oh no, I will show them.

Valentine Party

I'm a party kind of girl.  I love to host them...for everything...for anything.  And Valentine's Day is no exception.  This year we made Valentine Counting Books.

And then we had cookies, cupcakes and cupid floats.

Even my littlest Valentine got some.
Everyone passed out their valentines.  It's always sweet to see how much effort the kids put into them and how nice they are to each other while passing them out.  I love this party!


As a mom there are so many little details of every age that I want to remember.  I try and photograph them so I can look back and say...yep, that's exactly how her chunky wrists looked and how her mouth moved when she drank.

And how she always held her cup upside down and just couldn't understand.... 
...why, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get anything out.
And how that was always my fault.

Daddy Love

Daddy love can fix everything. 
Well almost everything.  For everything else...

There are toys.

The Way We Pass The Time

When my family gets together we laugh a lot.

We play.

We snuggle...

and snuggle some more.
We giggle...some of us more than others.  

And we toss babies through the air.

What does your family do in their spare time?

Happy Hump Day

Only monsters love Wednesdays.

Mommy and Carli Grace Date

A few weeks ago my friend Michelle and I took our two big girls to lunch and then to see Bob Kramer's Marionettes.  Both the girls (and the mommas) had a really good time.  


This is a Bob Kruse look if I've ever seen one.  When I was glancing through pictures this one hit me...right in the gut.  The number of pictures I have (on film of course) of my Dad looking EXACTLY like this is...well it's a lot.  My brother is his own man - for sure - but those times that he reminds me of my Dad are so special and so strong.

New Babies

I love that there are so many babies in my family right now.
(Anna and Mike)
It's fascinating to watch them all interact with each other.
(Hattie, Me and Anna)

To watch the big boys enjoy the babies.
(George and Anna)
And to play with them.
(Lydia, George and Hattie)

And to watch the really big boys play as well.
(Bobby and Carli Grace)