Dang Cute Kids - January 2013



Happy Hump Day

I'm going to bounce Wednesday right out of here.

Anna Grace

As usual, when a baby joins our family we flock.  And Miss Anna was no exception.

Angela got to hold her for the last nine months, so we all really wanted our turn.

That baby girl slept through the entire visit. 

Five Years

Today is five years since Mike and I stood on a beach in Punta Cana with some of our friends and family and pledged forever.  Five years is enough time to have some really amazing years and some rough years....and here we are on the other side of both of those ready for the next five...or fifty...or however many we get blessed with.  No one has given me more in life than him.  And no one has made me grow more as a person than him.  Every year I sit here and try and think of something new to say, but I always come back around to the same old thing...so here's what I think - if I can't come up with anything new it must be because the old is pretty dang genuine.  

So Michael, my love, thank you for spending the past five years in my head, knowing me better that anyone does, and still sticking around.  I love you more than I can possibly say and I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives bring.  Happy anniversary my love!

How Big

Want to see something really cool?

I'm going to show you a trick.  All you have to say is, "how big is Hattie?"  and then I show you that I'm...


Happy Hump Day

Come on Monroe.  I'll show you how we just snuggle through Wednesday.  It's the best way to get through it.

Worksheets and More Worksheets

George and I struggle with math.

So we work on it every night.

That every night thing...well it's not always fun.

And his attitude isn't always the best.

But we try to be silly and have some fun.

And one day, hopefully, he'll thank me for all this.  Fingers crossed.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Uncle Vince...have I taught you nothing.  We don't acknowledge the camera...it only encourages her.  Besides...Momma likes natural shots.