Princess Day

Today my princess, Carli Grace, turns four.  That's four years of a mothering a daughter and all I can say is...I'm tired.  Daughters keep you on your toes - not in the same...let's make sure they don't light the house on fire ways that sons do - but, in the I'm going to ask you the hardest questions I can possible think of and make you question every word that comes out of your mouth way. 

My girl is going to rock four.  I swear that girl would leave for kindergarten (or college) today if we'd let her.  She has grown so very, very much since I wrote this and this that it's hard to narrow down just four things to say. But I will.

This year my girl has expanded on her true love to learn in every way possible.  She asks questions...hard ones and easy ones.  She wants to know what things mean, why we say them, why things work, and what will happen if.  She wants to read...not just to be read to, but to read herself.  She wants to be shown, which words you are reading and then reads them to her babies later.  When someone questions her ability to read she very clearly tells them, "I can read!  In my head!"

This year my girl has made being a big sister look easy.  And made being a little sister look even easier.  She takes care of Hattie like she's her own personal baby doll.  She tells her friends what Hattie wants and doesn't want, gives in when Hattie wants what she has, protects her like a momma cub, and watches her like a hawk.  So far there have been no arguments, no drama and no tears where baby sister in concerned.  She saves all that for her little sister duties - she knows how to pick, irritate, and annoy with the best of them.   And all at the same time she knows how to get those boys to do exactly what she wants without them even realizing she is running things.  Every boy in our house...and their friends...have been seen having tea parties, playing house, and using high pitched voices for My Little Ponies.  Little sister knows how to work a room with brothers in it.

This year my girl has found her inner compassion.  She wants to know if you are happy when you seem down.  She checks in to make sure you are having fun like she is.  She sings and laughs and tickles if she thinks someone is crabby.  She snuggles if, and only if, she thinks you really need it.  She tells me I look pretty and daddy he looks handsome.  She worries about her friends and wonders how they are often.   

This year my girl's self confidence...oh man has it grown.  Each year she comes out of her shell more and more.  I have to tell you it secretly makes me happy when she stomps her little foot, puts on her mad face, and says, "Momma!  I'm mad at you!".  That's right my girl - use your words...tell me how you feel...understand yourself and your feelings...own it.  I can think of very little in life that is more important to me than raising people who value themselves and are confident enough to express themselves and my Carli Grace...well she's learning...she's taking life by the horns, looking it in the eye, and telling it (and anyone else within ear shot) exactly what she thinks.

Happy birthday my sweet, confident, smart, beautiful girl!  There will come a day when you understand a Momma's love, but until then I plan to shower you with it constantly and hope you never find it lacking.  All my love always!

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  1. I dunno if it's because I'm pregnant with our first baby girl, because I'm pregnant period, or just because I'm a mama, but I totally cried ;) So sweet! Happy Birthday, Carli Grace!!