Happy Birthday Happy Hattie

Today my baby girl turns one.  In fact, she already did in the wee hours of the morning.  I'm always amazed by how fast time goes, but this past year...it doesn't even seem possible that it's over.  

Our family has grown and adapted in so many ways this year and many of those can be attributed to our Happy Hattie.  Hattie is by far the happiest, most content baby you will ever meet.  She fits into our life so smoothly and snuggly that it's hard to imagine a time without her.  And that...well it brings me to our one thing to note this year.  

This year has been about happiness and the missing piece.  You may say that's two things to note, but it's not...they go hand in hand.  You see there was just one piece missing from our family.  One gap that wasn't quite full.  And since that piece has slid into place true happiness exists in our house.  Happy Hattie.  None of us can imagine our lives without the beautiful smile she gives so freely.  The missing piece...it was shaped just like Hattie's toothy grin.  

Happy birthday baby girl!  One day, when you are a momma yourself, you'll know just how much that toothy grin means to me.  All my love always.

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