Dang Cute Kids - November 2012





Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays just weigh me down.

Don't Even Think About It

I can not express to you enough how quickly the mood in here will turn if you eat my puff.  Back of lady!

Mommies and Babies

Jamie and Avery
Angela and Lydia (and Bobby)
Carli Grace, Hattie and Me

Here Piggy, Piggy!

I wanna touch a pig!  I wanna touch a pig!

Oh my I just touched a pig!

I wanna wash my hands!  I wanna wash my hands!

Happy Thanksgiving

What an amazing year this has been.  I say this every year, but this is really my most thankful ever.  Once again I'm going to take this Thanksgiving Day opportunity to share with you some of the blessings in my life.

My husband - Even in hard years I am thankful for him first and foremost.  He makes me strive to be better every single day and I simply would not move through live the same without him.  

His, Mine and Ours - Each one of them is so amazing!  I seriously can not believe how lucky we are to raising such smart, independent, awesome people.  The smarty, the silly head, miss independent, and our happy girl...they complete our family perfectly.

My family - Another AMAZING year for my family.   Babies galore people...babies galore!  We all grow closer each and every day and for that I am so thankful.  

My best girls - The push and the hand hold I need to do my best all the time. They are there always!

I sincerely hope that each of you have as much to be thankful for as I do.  Have an amazing holiday!  All my best!

Happy Hump Day

Don't worry Monroe...Aunt Rachel's scary face will take care of Wednesday for you!


This Halloween we had - Ladybug Lydia

Rapunzel/Cow Girl/Carli Grace

and Cabbage Patch Hattie!

Happy Birthday Happy Hattie

Today my baby girl turns one.  In fact, she already did in the wee hours of the morning.  I'm always amazed by how fast time goes, but this past year...it doesn't even seem possible that it's over.  

Our family has grown and adapted in so many ways this year and many of those can be attributed to our Happy Hattie.  Hattie is by far the happiest, most content baby you will ever meet.  She fits into our life so smoothly and snuggly that it's hard to imagine a time without her.  And that...well it brings me to our one thing to note this year.  

This year has been about happiness and the missing piece.  You may say that's two things to note, but it's not...they go hand in hand.  You see there was just one piece missing from our family.  One gap that wasn't quite full.  And since that piece has slid into place true happiness exists in our house.  Happy Hattie.  None of us can imagine our lives without the beautiful smile she gives so freely.  The missing piece...it was shaped just like Hattie's toothy grin.  

Happy birthday baby girl!  One day, when you are a momma yourself, you'll know just how much that toothy grin means to me.  All my love always.


Carli Grace's First Popsicle - Six Months

Hattie's First Popsicle - 11 Months

What You've Missed

Tomorrow will be eleven years. 

Eleven years since I met you at the gas station.  You teased me about wrecking your cool guy image in front of all the young riders.  I could kick myself for not staying longer.  Hugging you longer. 

Eleven years to the day since I said, "Don't kill yourself on that bike before you walk me down the aisle."  You laughed....eleven years since I heard you laugh.  I miss that laugh. A lot.  

You've missed a lot.  Two more grandbabies this year - that makes six.  SIX!  And one more on the way!  You would be so proud of them.  George, Andrew, Carli Grace, Lydia, Hattie and Monroe...they are AWESOME!   

And the boys...they are good daddies...amazing daddies.  They learned from your mistakes and are working hard not to make the same ones.  And all your amazing dad qualities...man qualities...yeah, they have those too.  And they are using them...using them well.  I'd say you wouldn't believe it if you could see it, but I think you would believe it...expect it...you expected us to be more.  And they are. 

I've missed you this year.  You know that.  

Tomorrow all your kids and grandkids will be in one place.  We'll eat and laugh...a lot.  We'll trade babies and talk.  The boys will wrestle with the kids.    And the only thing that will be missing is you.

A Little Magic

Okay, I'm going to show you a magic trick.  Hold still.  I'm going to pull a coin out of your mouth.

Well that didn't work.  Hold still.  I'm going to pull a coin out of your nose.

Humpf.  Well let me see.  I'm going to pull a coin out of your ear.

Okay, Daddy - what am I doing wrong here?

So lame.  I think you need to practice a few more times.

But on someone else cause I'm out of here.

Happy Hump Day

Don't worry sis!  I'll push you right through this Wednesday!

Big Sister, Little Sister

Carli Grace - 9 Months

Hattie - 10 Months

Adults I Like To Shoot

Denise and Vince
My Guy

Crazy Dancing

Sometimes we just have to have a little crazy dancing.

I mean it's good exercise, right?

And it amuses Momma.
And when little sister sees what's going on...
She has to join in too!