My Memory Shelf

Sometimes we have these really amazing nights.

Nights where siblings just gel...smoothly.

Where everyone is a little more patient and a little more kind.

Nights I just want to bottle up and place on the shelf to remember.

Happy Hump Day

Don't you worry about me.  I'm going to eat my way right through this Wednesday.

Remote Snack

What have we here?

If I just don't make eye contact I can get it before she notices.

Score!  I got it!!!
Hmmm.  Now what do I do with it?  Seems I've got two options...bang it....

...or eat it.

This Little Piggy

Some of the cutest piggies in town.

Three Main Points

My girl has learned many, many things from her big brothers.  Especially about picture taking and how to avoid mom.

1.  Mom will only photograph silly faces for so long before she gives up.

2.  If you don't make eye contact the pictures lose their appeal.

3.  If all else fails cover your face and she'll walk away.

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday just dumped me on my head and I'm feeling all topsy turvy.  Help!

Scavenger Hunt

We like to take walks.

We look for things on our walks.

We take friends on our walks sometimes.

They help us look.

And when we find what we are looking for everybody smiles.

Knee Deep

Michael,  Today I wish I could tell you that you get to sit on the couch and watch football all day.  That I'll make your favorite foods and cater to you while you enjoy your birthday on the couch.  But instead we'll be knee deep in real life, so I'll need you to get up, get George to school, get the girls off, go work, get home, make dinner, coach Carli Grace's soccer practice, get Andrew from football practice, and help get everyone to bed.  Happy birthday my love.  I hope it's your best ever even if it's not everything you wish a birthday could be...even knee deep in our life.  Our wonderful life.  Thanks for sticking it out and loving it.  All my love.

Over the Moon

Girl.  Either give me the moon and stars or I sit on your head.


Just when I think my heart can't explode with love anymore than seeing my kids play together I get to watch my kids play with my brother's little girl.

I mean you see it coming right...these two in cahoots.

And then you throw in this girl...oh, it's trouble coming.

It's Almost Baby Time

I have amazing sister in laws.  Seriously.  My brothers could not have picked better sisters and friends for me (which I'm sure is exactly what they were thinking about).  On top of being great friends they are also both extremely talented.  Angela showed off her craftiness at the baby shower we had for our new nephew.

Have you seen a diaper cake as cool as this? neither.  Angela made it - designed the whole thing herself.  I'll be honest - I'm not sure how Denise is going to take it apart.

My new nephew has been showered with love.

So the gifts are in, the crib has been ordered...

...the village is ready.  Now we wait. 

Mmmm. Cake.

Act momma's watching.

Okay, she's about a bite?!?

Come on now...just a little bite?!?!  PLEASE!!

This is so unfair!!  Now I have to give you my pouty face.

Works every time!

Vacation - Sea World

Next up was Sea World.

While we were there we got to feed sea lions!  Although since my hands were covered in dead fish I don't have an actual picture of any of us doing that. 
The whole thing made Hattie a little hungry.
But Carli Grace just thought it stunk and refused to touch the fish.