Dang Cute Kids - June 2012



No Need to Push

The key would help.

Happy Hump Day

People...are you seeing this?!?!  My momma is delirious to the fact that it's Wednesday!!  Doesn't she know we don't smile on Wednesdays??

Move Along

Dude.  This sheep is not big enough for the both of us.

Disasters In Group Photos

Reality.  Sometimes it's a disaster.


This kid hates when I take his picture.

He hates to be in pictures, but then asks constantly why there aren't new things in his scrapbook.

He's funny like that.

So occasionally I stalk him with the camera.  I say, Drew, I can't scrapbook pictures I don't have.  Just smile once and I'll leave you alone.

So he does.

Which he thinks is hilarious.

Happy Hump Day

That's right Uncle Mike...stare it down!  Wednesday will run!

But Officer

I'm going to have to ask you to step out of the vehicle.

Welcome to the Family

A little slobber never hurt anybody.


This girl.  Oh, do I love this girl.  She is so...me...and SO her.  She takes what anyone says...and she listens...she's a good listener.  But before she listens...she stretches.  Her way.  Always her way.  Stretching far enough to do things her way, but still stay within reach of listening.

Happy Hump Day

Move sheep!  Don't you know Wednesday is trying to catch us!!

Awesome, Amazing News

Have you heard the news?

The MUCH anticipated news?!

The news that I got to hear before ANYBODY else?!?  (And yes, you all knew I was going to have to throw that in there.)

This guy wanted to know pretty bad...it was so cute.  But he patiently finished bbqing first.

These three ladies desperately wanted to know if they were getting a girl cousin or a boy cousin.

The moment of truth!

It's a boy!!

Which is AWESOME, AMAZING news!!  That I got to know before anybody else.  ;)

Lovely Saturday

Can I tell you a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning?

The Botanical Garden.  The weather was PERFECT!

The Lantern Festival was AMAZING!

And the girls had so much FUN!

A nice stroll through the Japanese Garden, a visit with the koi,

and good times in the Children's Garden.



Carli Grace and Avah
Hattie with her soon to be bestie Avery!!

Carli Grace and Maddie