Nine Years of Motherhood

Today I have been a momma for nine years.  Nine amazing, hard, thought provoking, wonderful, stressful, exhausting, fantastic years.  But today isn't about me.  It's about my George.  My boy.  The one that made me a momma.  Narrowing down to nine things from this year of amazing growth is hard!

This year George has maintained his love for school.  He likes going.  Hates missing.  Knows everyone.  And I am constantly amazed how many comments I get from teachers, secretaries, the school nurse, etc. on what an amazing kid he is.  I mean I know that, but it's nice to know other people know that.  

This year he's found a happy place.  More love for himself.  Less criticism.  That little unhappy attitude still comes around from time to time, but he's outgrowing it and learning how to overcome it.

This year he's found a best friend.  They are together constantly - there is a revolving door between our house and theirs.  They've made a secret pact.  I envision us at his best bud's wedding one day. 

This year he's figured out exactly how to get his brother's attention when he wants it.  He just walks up, starts taunting him about something and then turns and runs.  Andrew chases him, tackles him, and they wrestle.  Generally both laughing.  George acting like he hates the beating.  Andrew acting like he hates the taunting.  Both smiling. 

This year he's gained his own sense of style.  The hair...oh, all that hair.  You've seen know.  Some kids would cave under the pressure he gets about that hair, but he carries on his own way.

If they gave out big brother awards he would get one.  He wants to hold Hattie, knows how to bounce her on his knee to keep her happy, and always has a smile for her.  Carli Grace drives him batty sometimes but he knows just how to deal with her and is so proud that she looks up to him,

This year my boy has reminded me of my Dad so very much.  It's the Legos that does it.  No need to follow the directions when you can create something all your own.

This year my boy is as lovable as ever.  He's a toucher, a snuggler, a lover - and I am so very glad he hasn't outgrown that.

This year my boy has tested every ounce of my patience I have, but we've come out the other side stronger and happier.  He keeps me on my toes and makes me always strive to be a better momma, a better friend and a better person.   Just when I think I'm really messing up he builds me up and gives me the confidence to keep parenting in the way I think is best.

George - Happy birthday my pumpkin.  I can never thank you enough for making me a momma.  I feel blessed every day to be raising you and I can't wait for the day when I can be friends with the man you are becoming.  All my love always.


  1. That is all so true and it is so fun to be a part of that kid's life!

  2. Happy birthday George!!!!!!!! Love this post. :)