Dang Cute Kids - April 2012









We've come so far in the last year.  First she actually spoke to Santa Claus (twice!) and now she sat (half way) on the Easter Bunny's lap.  Progress!!

 Avah and Michelle joined us for the annual Spring Fling at Holt High School.  The kids always have so much fun at this event. 


 This was Carli Grace's first time really enjoying a bounce house.  Instead of being scared of it she wanted to jump...again!  

 Really this post is all about progress.  Again, instead of running and screaming in the opposite direction...she hugged the characters...more than once.  My girl is growing up so fast!

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays feel like I've been locked up and lost the key.

Easter - Better Late

Easter weekend started with strep throat, so we had to delay a few festivities.  Better late...
Carli Grace and Mark...ready for some eggs.

Thank goodness that wasn't a snake.

Pa Pa and Hattie hanging out.

Grandma carving the ham since Uncle Bobby was missing.  :(

Dessert on the porch.


Sometimes there are perfect opportunities for a few pictures.

Sometimes big sister doesn't feel like participating.

Sometimes she changes her mind.

Sometimes we have to promise to let her "hold sissy" to change her mind.  Sometimes it's totally worth it.

Name That Game

So...anyone care to guess what they say they were doing?

Happy Hump Day

If you don't mind we're just going to chill here and wait.

Easter Egg Hunt

Avah and Carli Grace ready to hunt some eggs.

And my sweet Hattie just watched from her perch.