Happy Hump Day

I need a pick me up this Wednesday.

Dang Cute Kids - February 2012

Carli Grace


Daddy's Little Sweetheart Dance

This beautiful girl got to go to a special dance with her Daddy.

She was super, super excited.

She loved that Daddy got handsome for her.

All the handsome dads.  Mike - Gary - Jeremy - Nate - Brian
The Fab Five (plus, bonus girl) and their daddies.

Holding Hattie

Uncle Bobby
Pa Pa Ballard
Carli Grace



Go ahead...admit it...you giggled just looking at these.

Happy Hump Day

That's what I think of you Wednesday!


Come a little closer Daddy.  I want to show you my right hook.

The Princess and the Pea

Yes, I seriously found her like this.  How???
This is what Christmas can do to you.

No, Momma...I wasn't playing in bed.

Juice It

Drive it like you stole it...that's Momma's motto.

One of Our Favorite Places

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday you are crushing my inner artist.

Tea Party

Brenna got a tea set for her birthday and invited some friends over for a princess tea party.

There was hot cocoa, marshmallows (lots and lots of marshmallows), cookies and tea sandwiches (aka pbj).

The girls had so much fun sitting at the little table,
sipping their tea,


and pouring.
They were so well behaved and sweet.

And then they were done.

A successful tea party always ends like this, right?

I Scream, You Scream


...it really...

...amazes me...

...what a little ice cream...

...can do for pictures.