Dang Cute Kids - January 2012


Lydia - And yes, she was so cute this month she got two spots.

Holiday Time

This year Ma Ma Hessel tried hard to start a new tradition of dinner and church services before Christmas (and it would have worked perfectly had some illness not gotten in the way).  She made yummy chicken and dumplings and we all attended a Christmas service at Morningstar Church.


Family Night

Happy Hump Day

That's right Wednesday!  You stay upstairs!  Nobody wants you down here!!

Visit with Santa

For the past two years we've went to Bass Pro Shop with Avah's family to see Santa.  It's never disappointing.  My girl was happy to talk Santa's ear off, but didn't want to sit with him.  Hattie on the other hand was happy to be help and was indifferent to who did the holding.

Holding Lessons

Let me show you how you do it Ma Ma.  You put your hands right under her neck like this and hug her really tight.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Check Back Later

Excuse me, but I think we're going to sleep in this morning...we'll be back later.  Got to get that beauty rest!

Meeting Hattie - Week One

Avah and Jenny


Maddie and Jenny
Nana - (great grandma)

Brenna, Carli Grace, Kelly


Leap of Faith

Isn't trust a wonderful thing?!

Hattie - One Week Old

Hattie is such a very content baby.  She is everything a fourth kiddo should be - laid back, patient, observant...perfection.

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays aren't even worth both eyes.

Painting Party

Michelle and Jenny had the awesome idea of combining Maddie and Avah's birthday parties into one painting party.  So fun!  And so girly!