My View From Here

Dang Cute Kids - December 2012

Avah and Elise
Carli Grace







My View From Here


Here is something we've learned about Hattie.  Girl loves her some football. 

She loves when Drew and Daddy play.  She loves watching from her stroller or while Daddy holds her.

But what she really, really, really loves... when they let her play too!

Little sister's got game!

A Magical Place

Old St. Charles, at Christmas time, is magical.

We spent a day exploring.

Watching the parade.

And meeting all the characters.

One could definitely get used to these 70 degree December days.

Mommas and Babies

Elise and Michelle
Kelly and Brenna
Monroe and Denise
Kathy and Kenny


Carli Grace - 1 year

Hattie - 1 year

Happy Hump Day

Christmas is over AND it's a Wednesday...I think a tantrum is in order.  Cue the screaming.

Grinchified are telling me the Grinch STEALS Christmas?

Can that happen??

Oh no!  This is one scary story!!

My View From Here

Cousin Love

Next to watching my girls together watching Lydia and Hattie "play" and interact is one of my favorite things. 

They love being by each other and saying each others name.
And getting bummed together when they aren't allowed outside with the big kids.

Christmas Party

We had an awesome Christmas party with eleven of Carli Grace's friends.  We made reindeer food to put on our front lawns on Christmas Eve.

We decorated containers to store it in.

And then we went to town decorating our Christmas trees.

It was messy and fun and delicious.

Then we enjoyed the beautifully warm December day and ate our snack outside...then I picked glitter out of my grout for a month. :)