Today marks ten years since my Dad died.  My brothers and I decided that since our spouses (with the exception of Angela) and all of our kids had never got to meet my Dad it would be fun to get together some folks that knew him and have dinner and story telling.  

The theme of the night kind of revolved around the idea that - "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

Unfortunately the night we chose for the event turned out to be a bad night for many folks, but we still got to hear some fun stories and I think Mike and Denise got a taste of the guy that they've only heard about.  Thankfully Denise remembered to pick up my camera since I didn't.  Here's a few pictures.

Carol - Lydia - Carli Grace

Lydia - Bridget - Charlie - Danny

Lydia - her Great Grandma Kruse

Bobby - Charlie
My boys - Bobby - Vince - Me

Deborah - Grandma
The entire "Kruse" clan...SO glad this happened.

George - Grandma Kruse (or great to the kids) - Me - Carli Grace

Grandma - Lydia - Angela

Vince - Grandma - Denise


  1. This is so great that you were able to do this. He was a great guy and should be so proud of the kids he has.

  2. Reading this brought back so many memories...your dad was a great guy! He is missed by so many people - even people who hardly knew him.