Happy Hump Day

Did you know if you pound this really, really loud you can actually drown out Wednesday?

Happy Hump Day

How would you like it if somebody left you down here, alone, on a Wednesday!?!?

Lady Driver

So I'm just curious...how do you feel about younger men?

Halloween 2011

Everybody got to draw a pumpkin for Daddy to carve.

George carved his own for the first time.  He was so proud!

Mike did his best with what Carli Grace drew.

Our little kitty cat just wanted to show everyone her tail.

And our girl who used to be SO shy has really exploded out of her shell lately.  She figured out how this whole thing worked quickly.

And then RAN to the next house "with a light".

Carli Grace's First Dance Recital

My girl's first dance recital was a success.

She did not just stand there.  She participated...and even made herself a star of the show.

Mark and Carli Grace after the show.

Happy Hump Day

Hold on...I think Wednesday is trying to sneak up on me.

Grant's Farm

Last month we spent some family time at Grant's Farm.

Everyone fed the goats.

We thought Carli Grace would be apprehensive and want Daddy's help.
But she quickly corrected us.  "I want down."
After feeding the goats we walked around and saw all the animals, had lunch and snow cones and went through the stables.


Daddy!  Daddy!  Give me back my bike!!!


Today marks ten years since my Dad died.  My brothers and I decided that since our spouses (with the exception of Angela) and all of our kids had never got to meet my Dad it would be fun to get together some folks that knew him and have dinner and story telling.  

The theme of the night kind of revolved around the idea that - "When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

Unfortunately the night we chose for the event turned out to be a bad night for many folks, but we still got to hear some fun stories and I think Mike and Denise got a taste of the guy that they've only heard about.  Thankfully Denise remembered to pick up my camera since I didn't.  Here's a few pictures.

Carol - Lydia - Carli Grace

Lydia - Bridget - Charlie - Danny

Lydia - her Great Grandma Kruse

Bobby - Charlie
My boys - Bobby - Vince - Me

Deborah - Grandma
The entire "Kruse" clan...SO glad this happened.

George - Grandma Kruse (or great to the kids) - Me - Carli Grace

Grandma - Lydia - Angela

Vince - Grandma - Denise

Happy Hump Day

What?!?!?  Hey, we all have to find our own ways to get through Wednesdays.  I don't judge yours!

How Tall This Fall

Every year we are sure to get our "How Tall This Fall Pictures".  This year was no exception.
Carli Grace

Baby Ballard - we have this same picture when I was pregnant with Carli Grace.
Denise - I tried to tell her that this doesn't actually apply to her, but she insisted I still take her picture.
Vince - And I'd be willing to bet that this doesn't shock anyone...and you'll note he's on his tiptoes.  :)