Dang Cute Kids - October 2011

Carli Grace


Happy Hump Day

Yep, this about sums up Wednesday...everyone has treats but me.

Daddies and Babies

Brayden and Brian
Olivia and Mat
Lucas and Stan

Do You See It Now?

Trust me...if you heard her talk you'd see me.

Happy Hump Day

This cannot be happening!  Let me out!  I can NOT be trapped in here with another Wednesday!!!

Crash Landing - Almost

Have you ever wondered what it might look like if a hot air balloon almost crashed in your back yard?

I'm thinking it would look at lot like this.
So close to our backyard...and to the ground that we could hear the people on board sounding more than a little stressed.

But the driver, I must say, pulled it off and missed our yard.

And narrowly missed our neighbor's house!

Just Us Girls

Right now there are days where it is just me and my girl.  Daddy's off golfing and the boys are at their other parents. 

I'm hoping she'll remember that we had mornings like this.  No where to go.  Cinnamon rolls to eat.  Things to paint.

Just us girls.

She'll Be a Lawyer

It's amazing the things a two year old can talk adults into.

Happy Hump Day

Mom, just let me hide here until Wednesday is over.  I can't bare to look!

Short Stuff

Vince and Denise finally found a car she can reach the pedals in.

Look at Me, Look at Me

Aiden!...Aiden!...what are you looking at her for...I'm over here!!!

Big Brothers Rule

This is what you might call an awesome big brother moment.

He allowed her to tuck him in with Laura (Carli Grace's baby doll).

And even pretended to go nigh-night.

In fact, he was such a good sport it will be hard for me to use these pictures against him someday in his dating future.  Hard...but not impossible.