Dang Cute Kids - September 2011




Happy Hump Day

So what you're saying is we HAVE to dislike this day?

Big Boys Don't Share

If you think I'm putting any of MY cake in there you are crazy!

My Girl and Her Besties

Carli Grace and Brenna
Olivia and Carli Grace
Carli Grace and Avah

A New Theme

Take a picture of my baby Momma.

And this baby.

Don't forget this baby Momma.

Happy Hump Day

Seriously.  Some days just aren't worth sitting up for.

Fan Girl

The things these kids will do for Uncle Mike!

My Guy

Happy birthday (tomorrow) to my best friend, the world's greatest dad, and the hottest guy I know.  My guy!
 - All my love. Always.

Happy Hump Day

Excuse me while I ponder how to get around this certain day of the week.

Vacation - Buried

Dad's always come up with the craziest plans.  And somehow...the kids always think it's a great idea.

They seemed to enjoy themselves.
Little sister helped.
And then was the race to see who could get out first.
Little brother won by a hair.

Disasters in Group Photos

Disaster or not...it's still adorable!

Happy Hump Day

I hear in Kindergarten Wednesday really matter.


Hey girl!  Catch up!  Let's ride together!