Double Digits

Today my bonus boy is ten.  Double digits...where did the time go.  This is my sixth birthday with him and for that I am truly blessed.

I always stress over coming up with the list of things for each birthday, but when I sit down and put pen to paper (fingers to keys) it flows out and I realize...we have AWESOME kids.  It's nice to remind myself each year how lucky I am to know these people we're raising.

This year he has studied all things sports and especially football and baseball.  He's a walking, talking statistic.  He could host a Sports Center show right now.

This year he has branched out and become braver about trying things.  He'll put just about any food in his mouth once...just to say he tried it.  He'll ride roller coasters, hold alligators, and jump off the top of the slide.

This year he has become quite the smarty pants.  His retorts are generally funny and quick...he surprises me with his sarcasm at times.  Quite the mini adult!

This year he has proved, once again, what an ideal student he is.  

This year he's been chosen by his peers as a stand-out ROCK STAR.  They voted...he won!

This year he's found a way to do all his chores with a good attitude 98% of the time.  He even wears the noodle strainer on his head while putting away's his working hat!  

This year he has found his own personal sense of style.  No one can sway him.  He chooses all the way down to the color of his socks.

This year he's championed the role of big brother.  He knows which words to spell so as not to get Carli Grace riled up and he seems to know just when to go play with her in her room or outside.

This year he has grown so tall we'll be looking eye to eye soon. 

This year I see a bit more willingness to disagree with Dad...and that's a good thing.  Healthy disagreement or difference of opinion is seldom wrong.  Independence is coming.

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