Other Peoples Kids

Lydia - My Niece

My View From Here

3 girls, 1 bug


Carli Grace loves popsicles on hot summer days.

Uncle Bobby also loves popsicles on hot summer days...and is not above terrifying a small child to get one.

Happy Hump Day

Make it go away Mommy!  No Wednesdays!

Summer Fun - Take 2

This is the "creek" behind our house.  It comes in handy for all sorts of activities - turtle finding, frog catching, snow sledding, tick collecting, etc.  The other day I used it as a summer fun filler for the boys...remember me saying that I've found planning things helps the days go by faster. 

I sent them on a nature search.  Here's all the stuff they came back with...including the tick (see if you can spot it).

They found everything on the list except a feather.

Well this had a great plan, they had a lot of fun, however, my timing was a little off - I thought I'd get an hour...I got about 20 minutes.

Poor Walker

When it gets really quiet in our house we start to worry.  Apparently Walker now knows to worry too.

Baby Girls

My baby brother and his baby girl and me and my baby girl.

And the way I like things best...me and all the babies.

Happy Hump Day

I've found my comfy place.  Now to let Wednesday pass.

Don't You Know

Some boys just never learn...silly faces end up on the blog.

More from the Messy Party

The messy party continued with rainbow rice to dig in.

Then there was clean mud to squish and play in.
Gak to play in and get messy with.

And cake...yummy cake.

And in sticking with our messy theme we got plain cupcakes and let everyone decorate their own...messy style.

Overall I think this party was a success!

The Half Birthday

As you know my girl was born in December...a rough time of year for a birthday party.  So we decided to have her party in June (her half birthday).  And this year we did it messy style...think disaster area that was loads of fun.
There was corn syrup painting.

Chocolate pudding finger painting.

Random happy babies.  :)

Andrew hung out at the finger painting table longer then anyone and eventually painted his face.  He then asked for a Messy Party for his birthday.

I might have enjoyed the finger painting a bit as well.

My girl took a cue from her older brother and painted her face.

 More to come....

Craft Time

We've reached the point in summer where it's time to find indoor activities (110 heat index yesterday!).  So Jenny, Michelle and I took our best girls to Imagination Pottery for some cool summer fun.  (above is Maddie, Avah, and Carli Grace)

We managed to get out of there with nothing broken.

Lots of concentration.

Some "strong" opinions about color choice.

Quality Momma time.

A very thoroughly painted inside of a mug.

A partially painted outside of a mug.

Good memories.

And of course...a snack (good thinking Jenny!)

It was a ton of fun and I can see us going back again, so put your Christmas orders in now.  For more pictures check out Michelle's blog about it here.