Dang Cute Kids - June 2011


Carli Grace
Stephen and Jenna

Happy Hump Day

Pardon me...I'm trying to find my "No More Wednesdays" app.

Baby Love

My girl takes amazing care of her babies.  She makes sure they are always fed and covered.  She gives them kisses and hugs.

She makes sure they are never hungry or thirsty.  When they need discipline she puts them in time out. 

My girl, however, does NOT do stinky diapers.

Can You See It Now?

Can you see it now?

The Fab Five

Taking a group picture of our fab five doesn't get any easier.  In fact, now that they're two it's gotten even more complicated.

There's always the one that wants to hold on to Momma.

The one that wants to stand while everyone else sits.

The one that doesn't want to hold hands.

The one that doesn't want to smile.

And then just when you get that one smiling you've got the one that runs away.

There's always someone that just hates the color chair they ended up with...oh, the drama of five two year olds.
But after 210 photos we always manage to get at least one of our fab five.  As always, in age order, Maddie - Carli Grace - Avah - Brenna - Jenna.  I figure by next year they'll want to argue over who sits next to who.

Lydia Nell

It's happened!  One of my brothers is a Daddy!!!

Meet Miss Lydia Nell Kruse.

All 7 pounds, 15 ounces of her is perfection.

So far she is content and nursing well.

And my baby brother is a Daddy!
My sister in law, Angela, is doing really well also, but she wasn't up for pictures today.  Tomorrow...promise!

Guess Who

See this girl.  This is my sister in law, Angela.  My brother Bobby's wife.  And this is the last picture you will ever see of us pregnant together.  I have been SO very excited about this baby because it's the first time one of my brothers will be a Daddy.

It's this brother, Bobby, that's going to be a Daddy.

In fact, SURPRISE, he already is!

Last night Angela was a champ and gave birth to my new niece - Lydia Nell Kruse.  So check back later today cause you know there will be some baby faces on this blog!
Congratulations Bobby and Angela!!!  Miss Lydia is a very, very lucky lady!


Summer is here and what better way to spend it...chilling by the pool with a cold drink.

Happy Hump Day

Pouty Wednesday

Improving the Toy

Man Brayden...you were right...these are WAY more fun with your tongue out.

The Mud Run

Kelly and Mike kicked butt at the Mud Run this year and I can't wait till I get to join them again next year!