Birthday Boy - George

My boy is 8 today.

Eight things of interest this year:

This year we found that there isn't a single thing that is wiggling that he finds in the creek that he will not try and walk into our house with...snake included.

This year he found 101 new ways to entertain his sister...she's thrilled.

This year he's found a love of all things baseball...playing it and collecting the cards. 

This year school has become one of his favorite places.  He is very unhappy if he has to be picked up early...and quite frankly is rather indifferent about summer.

This year he's found that he can read about anything and learn anything from a book.  He's requested books from the library about how to draw aliens, movies about baseball hitting techniques, and magazines about Lego designs.

This year he's written a lot of sentences...for not turning lights off, hitting balls against the house, not know...all the normal stuff.  But we've at least gotten to a place where he doesn't always whine about it and that, my friends, is progress.

This year although he's still perfectly happy to drive his brother nuts on a regular basis he seems to have a pretty strict policy about other kids doing it.  He's been "caught" sticking up for his brother several times and that ..well it makes us pretty proud. 

This year I have found that although little boys try my patience...I love mothering boys...and I love mothering boys that come up to you later and say..."I'm really sorry Mom...can I try again?"  Seems like that little boy will make a pretty good man someday.

Happy birthday my are AWESOMESAUCE and I love you more then air!

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