Baby on Board for 13.1 Miles

Remember last year when I mentioned doing something I never thought I could/would...well, I did it again.  Along with Erin, Stan and Kelly...oh, and along with...

...yep, I'm that girl...I wanted credit where credit was due.  Really, if you run (almost all) of 13.1 miles with a baby in your belly, while keeping your heart rate under the 140 mark I'll give you all props too!

We had all prepared...hit the tread in the ice and snow, hit the pavement in the pouring rain, and strategically placed our nip guards...wait...that was just Stan.

So when the morning came we were SO ready.  Only one thing left unaccounted for.  The HEAT!  You train all winter for a half...and then it's 90 degrees the day of - well it just plain throws your game off.

But we ran.

And ran.

And finished!  All four of us.

When it's your first time you smile this big! 

And then we pigged out...or that might of just been me?  I ate four of these things (and if you know where to buy them please share!)


And relaxed...glad to know that we don't have to do that again...till October.

My amazing SIL even chanced strap lines on her wedding day to come out, cheer me on, take pics, and carry me back to the car. 


  1. So proud of all of you! Even Stan! :)

  2. Great post! Love the pic of the four of us in the beginning. :) Share please!

  3. great post. So proud of all of you!

  4. Amazing job to all of you! Rachel, you are a rock star!