Dang Cute Kids - March 2011

Carli Grace



Happy Hump Day

What do you think Daddy...can we fit Wednesday in one of these?

Leaning Tower of Charlie

Whoa!  Where the head goes the body must follow...help!

Mommies and Babies

Jenna and Tiffany
Maddie, Brayden and Jenny
Erin and Lucas
Olivia and Kelly...and my baby, Carli Grace

Football Season

Football season has come and gone...right?

Yeah, not so much at our house.

In fact, it seems to be the new favorite past time of a couple of boys here.

Everything is Football, which basically means...no summer break for me!!!!

Luckily these two are way cuter when they talk about football then Mike is.  :)

Happy Hump Day

Help me!  Help me!  Momma just explained Wednesdays!!

Big Announcement

My girl seems to be obsessed with babies lately.

Not her doll babies...
...real live babies...like Brayden.

And I think that's a really good thing.  Because we are hoping it means she's going to be an amazing big sister....come November.

Ruling the Roost

You know my girl has a slight shoe problem...


She comes by this shoe addiction VERY honestly.

Did you also know she can talk her boys into ANYTHING?

She can convince them that high heels are a good idea.

This may have started out as a boy house...

...but little sister rules the roost.

And it doesn't seem like that will change anytime soon.

How We Roll

I'd like to introduce you to my peeps...this is my Daddy and Momma...they think I'm pretty awesome!

Running the Show

Hair looks good.  Clean face.  Perfect.

Okay, Momma.  We're ready for our photo shoot.

Game On

She shoots!

She scores!!!!
You missed!

Avoidance Passed On

Hey Aunt Rachel...look what Andrew taught me!!

Happy Hump Day

What are you smiling about?  We don't smile on Wednesdays!

Camera Crazy

Jeremy!  Don't do it!  She'll have that thing pointed at you all night now!

Ladies Man

Dad!  Dad!  Looks like I got all the babes!  Check it out!

Spa Day

My girl is home with Daddy today.

I love when that happens cause I get awesome emails like this...

Can You See It Now?

Now?  Do you see it?  It's her eyes...they've turned brown!  Very little blue or green left.  Oh, and she definitely still has my attitude.

Camera Duty

I have seriously got to stop letting other people use my camera.

 It never works out that well for me.

Avoidance Passed On

Man that Andrew has really great ideas!!!

Sunday Fun