Andrew got a game for Christmas called Headbandz.

Basically, you strap a picture to your forehead and then try and figure out what you are using yes and no questions.

Sometimes it just comes to you.

Sometimes...not so much.

But either way I can tell you the laughter that follows makes this a great game!

Rethinking Things

This seemed like such a great idea at that time.

They were so cute and having so much fun...but, since we haven't been able to get them to stop since...and there are reports that Maddie has been climbing in her brother's crib - well it seems photo opps shouldn't always rule decision making.  So as you will hear me say - here is the very first blog video.


Happy Hump Day!

I'm calling in reinforcements to deal with this Wednesday!

Get What You Ask For

I have some amazing girls in my life.  - Jenny

And they are frequent sights on my blog.  - Bridget

But it has been brought to my attention that I leave the boys out at times.  - Kelly

And I just can't be anything except an equal opportunity blog.  - Erin
So, in an effort of equality...here's Nate.

Let the Countdown Begin

Anybody else already counting down till Friday?

Princess Girls

See Maddie...this girl is a princess.  Just like us!

Mommies and Babies

Jenny and Brayden
Avah and Michelle


No really Uncle Mike...I'm telling you Mommy said I could have all the cake I want...REALLY!!! 

The Looks I Get

My best girls don't hold back...at all.  They always tell me, if only by the look on their face, if I'm...
...confusing them.

...annoying them.

...causing them disbelief.

...or just plain old boring them to death.

Hugs and Love on V-Day

Carli Grace and Zooey

Self Portraits

Sometimes I take my camera, which is rather heavy..and do my best to get a picture of me and one of my babies.  What generally ends up happening is this...blown out...one eye out of focus...chins cut off, but man do I love the look on her face.
So I try to save it. 
And just try and concentrate on the fact that I have a picture of me and my girl...no matter what state it's in.

Happy Hump Day

We don't allow no stinkin' Wednesdays around here!

Passing on the Avoidance

His brother taught him this move.

Two Going On Twelve

Seriously Momma!  Omygosh this is SO embarrassing!


And the camera avoidance continues...but he's so darn creative about it.

Happy Hump Day

Just checkin' another Wednesday off my to-do list.

Can You See It Now??

As if she already didn't look a thing like me her hair is actually getting lighter. Well at least her best "duh Mom" look is just like mine.