Dang Cute Kids - January 2011


Talk to Me Nice

Momma I want some cake!

Well that didn't work...let me think...

Momma I peez have some cake?!


Happy Hump Day

Cover your eyes people...Wednesday is coming!

Wrestling Tournament

My boy made me so proud this day.  He listened to every word from his coach.  Concentrated on his voice.

Put kids into submission...yep...that's my baby!

Ignored my screaming completely and paid attention to coach.

Kicked some butt.

Got his butt kicked.

But at the end of the day.  Him and his 2nd place medal went home happy with the job he did...trying his very best.

My View From Here

By the way.  This is not today.  If it were today's snow you actually wouldn't be able to see Carli Grace.

Happy Hump Day

That's right.  I'm standing up against Wednesdays everywhere!


So you set the bright, beautiful, yummy cake here...but I can't touch it?!  Life is so unfair!!


Oh my head..another Wednesday...what's that...it's Friday?  It's FRIDAY!!!!! 

Just Becuase

One of my new all time favorite pictures.

Snow Days

When it snows...

...is your gut reaction..

...to grab your scooter and go slide around?

Happy Hump Day

Just put me in the car and drive away...I can't handle another Wednesday.


Seriously Momma...I had nothing to do with it.  He's making it all up!

Get the Job Done

Chores are an essential part of our household.

Chores teach responsibility.

Chores get done faster...when we have fun doing them.

My View From Here

Two Daddies, Two Car Seats, One DVD Player

Tea Time

These girls...all they ever want to do is have tea.
Yes!  Cookies!  I didn't know we get cookies with tea!