The True Meanings

Well it's time to get the tree up. I love this time of year. We have SO many ornaments and the kids love to know about each one. Ornaments are kind of a big deal at my house. Everybody gets one every year and I work hard to make sure that ornament defines something about the person and their life that year.

Ornaments that show off what someone was really into that year.

Milestone ornaments.

Ornaments one of our babies handmade.

Photographic ornaments that show us as we were.

Ornaments that remind us of a defining moment in our life.

Ornaments that remind us of great friends.

Standard Baby's First Christmas ornaments.

And two very special ornaments that remind us of loved ones that have passed on and are greatly missed.

It may not be fancy, organized, or pretty...but our tree is a collage - of us.


  1. This post is what the season is all about. :)

  2. I love giving/receiving ornaments. My grandparents used to always give us one.

  3. Love this post, great tradition!

  4. Every ornament should have meaning to the family. That is what makes a tree special.

  5. I think your tree is beautiful. What fun to be able to keep adding to this collage!