Birthday Girl - Carli Grace

On this day, two years ago, our lives changed forever.  We have spent the last two years wrapping our heads around what it is to be the parents of a daughter.  All I can say for's different.

Today my girl knows that she is getting presents and that there will be "birfday cake".  She knows that Momma, Dada, and both of her boys will be there to sing to her...and she knows how to sing the song to herself.  The last two years have been what I know to be the start of an amazing journey into the parenting of a girl, which I still different.

So, as I do on each kids birthday.  Two things of interest this year:

This year my girl has blown up the dictionary learning so many new words we can't even keep up.  She speaks in full sentences and tells you what she wants, doesn't want, or HAS TO HAVE.  Because of this sometimes it seems that she runs the show and it has only been very recently that the boys have started telling her no...but that doesn't happen often.  ;)

This year I have truly found the person I want to raise my daughter to be.  I want her to know herself.  Be confident in herself.  Trust herself.  And I think...I really think...we just might be leading her in the right direction.  She'll tell you..."i most bootiful gurl in world".  How many women can say they know that about themselves.  She doesn't need us to tell her...anyone can compliment you, but when you compliment yourself you know you've found your inner confidence.  And that is what I want every year to bring for my girl.


  1. Happy Birthday Carli Grace!!!!

  2. That made me tear up a little! Carli is amazing and you are doing an amazing job raising her to be an awesome person! Happy Birthday Carli Grace!