Lightening Fast

Alright...who hit me?

Dang Cute Kids - November 2010



I am SO behind in posts, so this is all I have handy; but I assure you - December's Dang Cute Kids posts will be bursting at the seams!

Disastors in Group Photos - Pumpkin Patch

I doubt I need to caption this for you.

Disastors in Group Photos - Pumpkin Patch

Let's get this over with.

Um, anyone seeing this?

Don't look at me I'm just doing as I'm told.

For Prom Night

Maddie:  Ha!  Carli Grace!  Your Momma is taking pictures of you with no pants on.  Ha!  Someday she'll bring these out before we leave for prom!  Ha!  Stinks to be you!


My Girl is going through a phase.

She thinks everything belongs to her.

And she will fight you to prove she's right.

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is quite possibly one of my most thankful ever.  The only thing that could possibly make the day any better were if Andrew were in town and all my kiddos could be in one place this morning.  Since I am feeling such a sense of gratitude this year I want to share with you all of the blessings in my life.

- Mike - first and foremost, always, best husband ever - enough said!

- My kiddos - each one of them has grown SO much this year.  we are raising AWESOME people that I can see myself being great friends with someday.

- My family - this year has brought some great changes to my family and we are SO, SO lucky.  2011 is bringing a wedding and then a baby...both my brothers have done such an amazing job of finding me ideal sister in laws and I really couldn't be luckier

-My best girls - I don't think I'd be the woman I am today without them.  Other women may say this, but I assure you...I have the MOST AMAZING FRIENDS!  They can't possibly know how much they mean to me.

-Myself - This year I'm just going to go ahead and say it because I truly feel it and I think more women should shout it from the mountain tops.  I did a pretty good job this year.  I started taking better care of myself and mid year made some pretty drastic changes in the - let the little things go - department, which has been SO fabulous for the mood around my household.

I think that about sums it up.  If 2011 is as awesome as 2010 then I'm going to love each and every second of it.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Corn in My Shorts

Sometimes I see a picture and I want to burst into of these things just don't belong....who would it be?

Happy Hump Day

Nooooooooooooo Wednesdays!

My Keeper

This kid right here loves me so unconditionally that it shocks me sometimes.  Even when I mess up, he still hangs in there and tells's okay Mom.  I've started this new thing lately.  When I make his lunch for school, which isn't often, I write a note on his napkin.  Just a little something to let him know I'm thinking about him.

Well apparently it means a lot to him.  And apparently he thinks I'd like it too.  Because after I used the bathroom at Mimi's last week I came out to find this on my seat.

My kid's a keeper for sure.

Poker For Babies

What the big kids do....

...the little kids must also do.

Aunt Rachel's is a Magical Place

Carli Grace this is SO cool!
I would never get to do this at my house!

The Smile of an 8 Year Old Boy

I'm telling you people...the boys sneak in her room at night and teach her this.  There is no other answer.

Pumpkin Patch

Mommies and Babies

Charlie and Bridget
Brenna and Kelly
Lucas and Erin

Disastors in Group Photos - Halloween

Brenna...why are we the only two still sittin here?

Disastors in Group Photos - Halloween

Girls...I'm telling momma gets VERY upset if you don't look at the camera...Girls!

Disastors in Group Photos - Halloween

Are we standing or sitting for this?  Can somebody please make a decision?

Disastors in Group Photos - Halloween

The cat lost her we lost the photo op.

What a Difference a Summer Makes!

Carli Grace


Happy Hump Day

Peace and Wednesdays...they just don't go together.

Baby Love

Carli Grace - Me - Lucas

Me and Charlie

Preparing for Powder Puff