It's Friday!  Hop in, buckle up and let's hit the road!!

Dang Cute Kids - October 2010


Carli Grace

Photo Block

Just wanted to continue to prove that I do try to take pictures of this kid...really I do.

Mike's Birthday

Wish I Could

Do things like this ever happen in your house?

When they you look at them like this?
and when they continue....
Do you immediately go tell your Mommy?

Happy Hump Day

Don't worry! I'm washing Wednesday away!

My View From Here


Mommy!  Uncle Vince has his shoes on your couch!!  Get him!

Are you ready?

It's Monday...are you ready for some football?

How Tall This Fall?


Carli Grace

Almost Famous

As if I needed further proof my girl will one day be a superstar.

My View From Here


Wonder how far I can get before someone get's out of their seat?

My View From Here

My View from Here

Daddies and Babies

Mike and Carli Grace
Gary and Stephen

Brian and Maddie

Gary and Jenna

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays are like bed head.
No matter how you try and smooth it out there are still bumps.


I'll trade you two Pringles for one Nilla Wafer...sound good?


They are intertwined.  Their legs.  Their lives. 

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays STINK!!! PEEEWWWW!

Half Marathon

This was the year I did something I never thought I could.  
I had to wait in line 30 minutes for the bathroom in the freezing cold in preparation.  
I stood ready with my training partner...freezing.

We hugged...
 ...and we were off.

My biggest fan and my brother caught up to me at mile 10.

And stuck it out to mile 13...13.1 to be exact.

I never thought I'd actually do it.

And then it was over.

And I became another soccer mom with sticker on her mini van.

Between my pride in myself....

...and my amazing supporters.

I kind of feel like I've conquered the world.
And now I need a new goal.