Whoa! That was really fast!

The Big Day

Anyone care to guess how old I am today???

Happy Hump Day

I'm shutting the door on this day! I'm done with it. Goodbye Wednesdays!

Tunneling Thru

Sometimes things go on in my house that I just can't explain.

This is one of them.

My View From Here

Look at the Camera

My girl knows where to look.

Denise...not so much.

Bad Bubbles


Seriously Momma! A little warning please! Bubbles taste BAD!

Just Because

It's Monday. I have nothing fabulous to say. And I miss my girl already.


Whoa! It's Friday! Put on your best silly bands and let's party!

Favorite Things

My girl's favorite place.

Fear of Heights

Whoa! It's a long way down!

Decisions, Decisions

Well here we are again...with the burning question.


...or in color?

Old Dog Old Tricks

Remember my post here about how silly it is for people (my little brother) to leave photos of themselves like this on my camera....

...some people never learn.

Happy Hump Day

Hmmmm...if you were a Friday where would you be hiding?


My View from here.


Oh, Lucas! What do you mean you haven't read Bob the Builder??!! What kind of reading censorship is going on in the house!? Really something must be done about this!


This is one of Carli Grace's new favorite activities. She has always loved to be read to, but now she "reads" to us.

She has started answering her own questions with the answer she wants to hear you say. For instance...."Snack now, okay? Yes!"

So this is "Carli Grace read now, okay? Yes! Carli Grace read to Momma."

You just can't say no to that.

Bath Time

Baths have changed for us


They used to involve screaming.

They were really fast and short.

Now baths are our calm place.

The place we go for special Momma and Carli Grace playtime at night.

Baths are so much more fun this way!

Hand to Mouth

Hmmmm....what have we here?

Oh now those look interesting! I wonder how I get those to my mouth?

My Birthday Guy

Happy birthday to my favorite guy in the whole world.

I said it on our wedding day...and I'll say it again.
Thanks for being in my head and still liking what you see enough to stick around.

Happy birthday my love!

Christmas Is Coming

And here it is I know Christmas is coming.

Scene 1:

George: Why not?
Me: Cause I'm the meanest Mom in the whole world.
George: No you aren't. You're the best mom in the whole world.

Scene 2:

Andrew: Dad, hey, I saw this guy with this red shirt that said Number 1 Dad. We need to get you one of those shirts.

Yep...they are buttering us up. Any day now the bomb will drop and they'll tell us they want a Disney trip for Christmas.




Carli Grace

Can You See It Now?

Anything? Can you see it?

Happy Hump Day

Dude! Carli Grace came over last night and taught me about this horrible thing called Hump Day! Now I'm so upset!! Wait...maybe I'm gassy? Humpf...I can't tell the difference yet.

The Face


How about now?

The Face

Any guesses???


Oh my head! Some sisters just never listen.


"livia" & "cawee"

Car and Driver Day - 3

Girl...if you keep giggling like that you are going to burst your buckle!

Car and Driver Day - 2

Stop it! You can't fix my hair while I'm driving! I can't concentrate on the road!

Car and Driver Day - 1

Seriously Maddie, I've got this!! Geez...(biggest backseat driver I've ever met).

Peas and Carrots

Me and Pa Pa go together like cake and ice cream....mmmmm.

Happy Hump Day

Wednesdays are just as sour as these berries!

Mommies and Babies

Avah and Michelle

Kelly and Brenna

George and Me

Jenny and Maddie