Missouri Botanical Gardens

What do you do when four daddies go and play golf on a hot summer Saturday?

You take five little girls to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
And this is what you do when you realize you've gone to the Botanical Gardens when it is hotter then Hades.

Even the Momma's had to cool off.

And this is me attempting to photograph five little girls...looking through the bridge...at the same time. You'll notice that one is missing.

And this is how you occupy five little girls...fish food. And we are pretty sure that most of it made it to the fish and not in baby bellies.


  1. OH I love the Children's Garden at the Botanical Garden... we haven't been in awhile though.

  2. CG looks like she is going to tip right on over and go swimming with the fishies! :) That was a fun HOT day! :)