Carli Grace: See it's called a fork. You use it just like this. Oh Jenna, the things I'm gonna teach you. Wait till you see what you do with this thing called a potty. CRAZY!

Dang Cute Kids - August 2010









Carli Grace

Bless Me

Is this constant weather change messing with anyone else's allergies? Geez!


Um...guys...the balloon is right here.

Birthday Boy - Andrew

Today my bonus boy is nine. I've had the pleasure of being a part of five of his birthdays.

This year he has found his inner gumption and learned to stick up and stand up for himself.

This year he's lost so many teeth of lost count and looked the absolute cutest EVER with the two front ones gone.

This year he has educated himself on the solar system. He checked out books, read them, looked online and then wrote his own book about the planets.

This year the two of us have found our happy place - we kid each other - we joke with each other - no more hurt feelings.

This year he has completely wrapped his mind around what it is to have a little sister...and he loves it. He pushes her when she wants to be pushed. Carries her when she wants to be carried. And talks to her when she is lonely. He is her Dew.

This year he has excelled at Martial Arts (Karate). He's earned belts. Practiced. And concentrated.

This year, as in every year past, he has been an ideal student. No struggles.

This year he has learned more responsibility. His bed is generally made before he leaves his room in the morning and he never walks on the carpet with shoes on. Little things...such progress.

This year he has become his own person. He worries less and less every day about pleasing the masses and more and more about being himself. I love watching that part of him.


So, uh, I notice your pants match my top...and well, I'm kind of missing pants. What do you say I give you 5 cheerios, a box of raisins and a monkey barrette for them?


Question...if you were this guy...

...and you had a sister like me....

would you borrow her camera and leave a photo of yourself like this on it?


My Momma didn't raise no fool! I'm not sticking my face over that twice!

Caught Moments - Brother's Lift

He will always lift her up.

He will always carry her through.

My Fashionista

What do you mean I don't match?

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesdays are like brother shoes...they stink!!

Mommy's Work

Mommy Duty never ends.

But hey, what other excuse could you use to jump on a giant sprinkler?

Photo Stalker

Carli Grace: Oh my, she's at it again!

CG: Don't look directly at her Brenna...

Brenna: Where do I look!? Where do I look?!

CG: Just look away...look away!

CG: Mother...this is getting out of hand. You. are. embarrassing. me.

Friends for Life

These two guys are great friends. They've been friends for more than a decade.

How many times do you think they've done this...

Good friends always, always help each other with the cooler.

They've taught their girls well.

Shooting Water

I don't know about you girls, but this does not look like a good idea to me!



or together.

My girl loves to read.

Disasters In Group Photos


...say cheese...or not...

oh, that's what you want me to do?

I don't think so.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

What do you do when four daddies go and play golf on a hot summer Saturday?

You take five little girls to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
And this is what you do when you realize you've gone to the Botanical Gardens when it is hotter then Hades.

Even the Momma's had to cool off.

And this is me attempting to photograph five little girls...looking through the bridge...at the same time. You'll notice that one is missing.

And this is how you occupy five little girls...fish food. And we are pretty sure that most of it made it to the fish and not in baby bellies.

Little People

Yep, Denise might just make it in this family. If Carli Grace can get over the car theft.

Wide Load

Ummmm...Momma...I can't get it to move.

Happy Hump Day

I just don't know if I can deal.

What doesn't belong?

Anyone else extremely bothered by this?

Yoga Meltdown

No, really Carli Grace...it's exercise...it's called Yoga.
My Mommy does it just like this.