Dang Cute Kids - July 2010






Carli Grace

Day Vacay

So the Ballards....

...the Sutphins...

...and the big boys...

Benny - Andrew - Jake - George - Danny

Roadtripped to Elephant Rocks State Park and then on to Johnson's Shut Ins a few weeks ago.

We had SO much fun. It was a nice relaxing day...with no real plans.

We snacked.

And climbed...

Acted silly...

And basically just enjoyed what our friendship has evolved into for our families.


I love random "caught" moments.


Sometimes they are into what they are doing.

Sometimes they are into each other.

And sometimes...briefly...they are into me.

Disasters In Group Photos

There's one in every crowd.

Happy Hump Day

Don't turn around Olivia...if you do Wednesday will know we're here!!!

Momma's Shoes

I think there's running in my girl's future...or at least a shoe problem.


Dude...seriously...hand over some popcorn.

George - 7 Years

My boy turned 7 in May and I finally got around to taking him out and taking some pictures.

He did great. It was quick and painless for him.

For me...I think my heart broke a little. Second grade...7 years...I blinked.

To see the rest of the pics click here.

Just Because

Just because I want to.

Just because he can.

Can You See It Now?

Well...her eyes are getting browner...so there's that?? See it??


Brothers are always there...
...when you need a little...

In My Defense

I've had to hear the comment (twice now) that I don't post enough pictures of the boys...and specifically Andrew. I'm hoping this is all you need as proof that I TRY!!!

The kid blocks my camera, each and EVERY time I have it out.

The only way I get a picture is if he is forced to put his hands down...and...

...well you can guess how great those pictures are.

So I'll continue to try and in the mean time...here are some great pictures of Andrew's hands.

Group Photo

Failure in Group Photos #5,783

Happy Hump Day

What do you mean it's Wednesday???!!!!

Can You See It Now?

How about now?

Lazy Days

Summer is lazy time...except it seems like we always have somewhere to be. Just getting everything together for a night of pizza and swimming takes enough energy that you aren't REALLY lazy. But in the end squealing little girls, rowdy boys, and great friends make it all worthwhile!