Did I mention that our boys recently went to Phoenix to spend ten days with Ma Ma and Pa Pa? My inlaws have one thing in mind when they are with our kids...spoiling them rotten. So not only did they get to stay at a house with a pool, buy every Go Go in the state, see 2 movies, go bowling and much more...they also got to go to California for four days.

They played in the ocean, went to a water park and of course...Legoland. And this my friends is where the difference in our two children REALLY shows it self. When asked what their favorite part of vacation was we got two very different answers.

Andrew liked Mini Golf best. I'd assume (though I don't know for sure) that it is because he was good at it and probably won. Andrew likes things he's good at (don't we all) and predictability.

George liked Roller Coasters best. There are pictures of George and Pa Pa on every roller coaster he was tall enough to go on. Even at the water park he rode the scary ride (which Andrew said "He was CRAZY Rachel!!) over and over and over. As you can see from the picture George is obviously enjoying himself with the unpredictable. on'll never see a face as scared as that one.

So long story short...we have two very different kids...a mini golf and a roller coaster.

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