Dang Cute Kids - June 2010







Carli Grace

Happy Hump Day

Pardon me...I've decided to sleep through Wednesday.

Messy Girl

Well?! Are you gonna help me clean this mess up?

Beauty Shop

Uncle Mike I love you so much!

Uncle Mike I'm going to give you a beautiful hair do!

"Uncle Mike...where'd all your hair go?"

Neat and Tidy

Do I have to do everything around here?!

Doesn't anyone know how to clean up after themselves?!



Surely, you see it now....

Daddy Timeout

CeCe...Daddy's makin' silly faces behind your back...let's put him in time out!


Remember when I mentioned Spunky Beans...the fabulous lady that came to George's birthday party?

Well in addition to magic and face painting she also did balloons...and not just any balloons. This woman has SO much talent. Check these out!

Snake holding a mouse in it's mouth.
Monkey holding a birthday cake.

We had fishing poles, bow and arrow sets, balls, princess wands and tons more.

For Photos Sake

Sometimes we abandon rules like no playing behind the curtains for the sake of cute pictures.
When there are little girls like this around it seems to be the best move.

A Lift

Brothers...they are always there to pick you up.

They're Everywhere!

The story of my life.

Healing Kiss

Don't worry Grandma...I'll kiss it.

Happy Hump Day

I refuse...I won't look it in the eye and it just won't be Wednesday.

Real Friends

Don't worry Avah! I won't let you fall!

Adults I Like To Shoot

Meet Denise.
Denise is fun,
silly, happy, ....
...and dating my brother...

...Vince, who is also fun,
silly, and happy...but not in these pictures....
in these pictures he's serious...so Denise does what any girl should do...
She runs far, far away from serious Vince!

Fall Soccer

My three favorite soccer players!

Well...I'm ready for Fall soccer...anyone else?

Mud Baby

We wondered if she would like it.

And at first she wanted it off.
But then...my girl became a mud baby.

Startin Young

Real Superstars drink plenty of water...it's good for the skin.